To move your body is to love your body

‘World-Class’ – The Daily Telegraph

The Dan Roberts Method

We help our clients appreciate, nurture and re-connect with their physical selves.  You may not realise it yet, but you are actually perfectly designed to dance all night, punch with grace, climb trees and sprint up sand dunes. Your body wants to jump, twist, push and pull and be overflowing with energy! It is natural to really use your body, as you are naturally destined to function as an athlete.

We believe you should regularly feed on real, organic & nutrient-rich foods. We should all enjoy going out for meals, eating carbs and a nice glass of wine with friends without feeling guilty! Life is for living. A healthy life isn’t a restricted life. We do not preach, but inspire a balanced, healthy and athletic attitude and lifestyle.

Clients hire us as they need results, be it to look hotter or win a medal. This we do easily, but we also offer much more. The Dan Roberts Method embraces the lost art of playing, whilst adhering to the latest scientific breakthroughs in exercise physiology. Elements of weight training, athletics, plyometrics, power lifting, yoga, pilates, parkour, boxing, martial arts, zen philosophy, NLP, applied psychology and performance nutrition are all integral to our unique system of coaching.

In all our client programs, media interactions, international retreats, online clubs, books, online courses and upcoming DVD’s, we marry science with our holistic living and high performance sensibilities to help you reconnect with your innate athletic self. This will optimise results and help you respect and love your body the way you are supposed to.

‘One of Britain’s best’ – The Sunday Times

We provide a wide range of solutions

Our clients are given their own unique fully integrated and bespoke coaching programme taught by Dan and his in-house coaching team along with our network of external specialist coaches.

Everybody we coach is unique and we adapt our packages to suit the individual. Tailor made nutritional solution compliment our training. We provide a range of nutritional solutions both in-house and through our official partners that include renowned sports nutritionists and dieticians, gourmet food delivery companies, cleanse and juice deliveries and live-in chefs.

We also offer a range of specialist solutions which can be seen below.

100 Day Programme
The 100 Day Package
Featured in Esquire as one of the world's best fitness packages. 100 days of intense training and food delivery. You will become a new person. £30,000
12 Month Weight Loss
12 Month Weight Loss
The final solution to your weight worries. One of our Trainers, a top Psychologist and our in-house Nutritionist work with you for 12 months. Dan oversees everything. £60,000
Pro Athlete Conditioning
Pro Athlete Conditioning
We have coached professional and champion athletes from a variety of sports including Athletics, Tennis, Skiing and Cage Fighting.
Fashion Model Fitness
Fashion Model Fitness
We work with some of the biggest names in fashion and have a unique approach to working with models that includes Kickboxing, Yoga and Body Sculpting.
Yoga & Meditation
Yoga & Meditation
Sarah, our holistic and experienced Yogi can help you reclaim balance. Private sessions and packages are available at your home and on location.
Muay Thai & Combat
Muay Thai & Combat
Dan teaches Muay Thai, Boxing and Self-defence. He has coached Martial Arts to Professional fighters, Princesses and Actors preparing for fight scenes.
Film Role Preparation
Film Role Preparation
We have worked on a number of Hollywood films helping the lead actors look, feel and perform at the level they need to. Privacy & results assured.
International Coaching
International Coaching
Dan and his coaches have all individually traveled abroad with our clients.

“My coaching team and I believe that all our clients deserve world-class coaching, 5 star customer service and optimal results. Please have a look around the website to read more about my philosophy, our packages and reputation. We attract high profile clients who appreciate our style, discretion and ethos.”

‘Personal Trainer to the stars’ – Vogue

About our Head Coach

Dan Roberts has been coaching professionally since 1993 and holds a number of prestigious qualifications. In addition to his base in London, he has lived as a full-time Strength and Conditioning coach in Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and New York and regularly trains private clients internationally. His success as a coach with a wildly eclectic client base has helped him fine-tune his unique philosophy – The Dan Roberts Method. This philosophy flows through his coaching team, this company and the brand.

Dan has helped hundreds of Personal Trainers expand their skills via lecturing, mentoring and tutoring. He has authored a nationally recognised Martial Arts Instructor certification and his own series of advanced coaching qualifications for Personal Trainers is launching in 2015. Dan is the creator of the popular Fashion Model Workout Methodology X and regularly features in the media as one of Britain’s top fitness experts. He is often hired by global brands as an exercise expert and is the Fitness Ambassador to three British charities. Click here for a detailed bio.

Dan Roberts Personal Training was established 12 years ago. It enjoys an exemplary reputation that we continually strive to maintain. As Head Coach, Dan is based at a private studio in Kensington with his expert coaching team available to train clients in hotels and homes across London. Dan is the Managing Director of this and two sister companies which together constitute the Dan Roberts Group. Along with the Psychologist Elaine Slater, Dan is also a co-founder and traveling expert for the new luxury mind & body retreat brand, Inara.

Dan Roberts™

We have 2 sister companies that work in unity with Dan Roberts Personal Training – together this collective of companies is known as the Dan Roberts Group. Aside from coaching in London, we offer free advice and tips to the pubic, educational courses for fitness professionals,  luxury retreats in Miami and St-Tropez and are currently rolling out a range of exciting home workouts via books, DVD’s and Apps. We also have a growing team of ‘Team Dan Roberts Ambassadors’ that help us educate and inspire more people all over the world to get fit and healthy and embrace the athletic life.

The Dan Roberts™ organisation is here to make a difference. We are on exciting mission to become the world’s leading luxury fitness brand; Join us and be inspired at

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