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Dan Roberts Personal Training Ltd

We are one of the most reputable boutique fitness companies in the UK, providing high-end and bespoke Personal Training in Kensington & Westminster.

Our discerning clientele

Our current/recent clientele include Supermodels, a national tennis squad, World-champion fighters, Doctors, Artists, Surgeons, West-end performers, Rock stars, Broadcasters, members of four different Royal families, a plethora of renowned Business leaders and numerous Personal Trainers. In addition we have prepared Oscar winning leading men and a growing number of Hollywood starlets for a variety of career defining film roles.

We don’t care about your fame or how fit you are. If you work with us, you will quickly get your body performing or looking how it needs to. However, our method offers much more than just results…

‘Personal Trainer to the Stars’ – Vogue

The Dan Roberts Method

We help our clients appreciate, nurture and re-connect with their physical selves. If you have a body, you are an athlete. You may not realise it yet, but are actually perfectly designed to dance all night, defend yourself, climb trees and sprint up sand dunes. You are perfectly designed to jump, twist, push and pull. In other words, the human body’s natural state is movement. You are also designed to feed on real food. By using and caring for the body properly, you are showing it love and when you love your body, your body will love you back. Every day is an opportunity to cultivate this athletic mentality and mind/body connection.

Our unique method embraces the lost art of playing with the latest scientific strength & conditioning principles, athletics, power lifting, yoga, sports, pilates, parkour, boxing, martial arts, Zen philosophy, applied psychology and performance nutrition. These are all essential elements to our system of coaching. In all our client programmes, media interactions, retreats, courses and guidebooks we mix science with our playful and holistic sensibilities to help you quickly look amazing, feel fantastic and to reconnect with yourself.

‘Dan is the A-list Guru’ – Health & Fitness

About Dan Roberts, BSc, CSCS

Dan has been coaching professionally since 1993 and holds a number of prestigious qualifications. In addition to his base in London, he has lived as a full-time Strength & Conditioning coach in Sydney, Rio de Janerio and New York and regularly flies out to train private clients in the Middle East and across Europe. His success as a coach has helped him fine-tune his unique philosophy – The Dan Roberts Method, which flows through the company and the brand.

Dan has helped hundreds of Personal Trainers expand their skills via lecturing, mentoring & tutoring, has authored a nationally recognised Martial Arts Instructor certification and his own series of advanced coaching qualifications for Personal Trainers launching soon. Dan is the creator of the popular Fashion Model Workout book Methodology X and regularly features in the national media as one of Britain’s top fitness experts. He is hired by global brands to consult as an exercise expert and is the proud Fitness Ambassador & Exercise adviser to three amazing national charities; Rays of Sunshine, Sparks and Anorexia & Bulimia Care. 

Dan Roberts Personal Training was established 12 years ago. It enjoys an exemplary reputation that we strive to maintain.

‘One of Britain’s best’ – The Sunday Times

We provide a wide range of solutions

All our clients are given their own unique fully integrated and bespoke coaching programme taught personally by Dan and his in-house team, with assistance from his affiliated Elite Trainers and network of official partners. Even though as a ‘brand’ we are growing; (our sister companies are built for expansion, this particular company will always remain small and boutique in its essence.

We offer two signature packages; The 100 Day Transformation and Holistic Weight Loss Package. These are both popular amongst our corporate clientele and can be subject to a waiting list. In addition to these two comprehensive packages, we provide specific coaching for Fashion Models, Actors preparing for roles and professional Athletes. We also teach combat (Boxing, Muay Thai and self-defence) Pilates and Yoga (Vinyasa Flow, Hatha & Restorative).

If you represent an organisation, please look at our Workshops & Corporate page. We conduct pop-up workshop, seasonal master classes and bespoke group packages for corporate teams, musical theatre productions and fitness companies.

Everybody we coach is unique and we adapt our packages to suit the individual. Proper tailor made nutrition compliments our training to optimise results. We provide a range of nutritional solutions both in-house and through our official partners, that include renowned sports nutritionists and dieticians gourmet food delivery companies cleanse and juice deliveries. If needs must, we can also arrange a live-in chef for you. All our clients travel considerably, so we have a network of medical specialists, Personal Trainers and wellness companies that we recommend from over the globe 0r on special projects we can travel to/with you.

100 Day Transformation
Holistic Weight Loss (BMI 35+)

We believe that our clients deserve world-class coaching, 5 star customer service and optimal results. Please have a look around the website to read more about our unique mind/body philosophy, our packages, our fees and our founder. We only take clients on that need dramatic results. Unfortunately, as we want to stay small, many packages can are subject to a waiting list. We accept occasional new clients on case by case basis. and our happy to meet to discuss if we are a good fit for you.

Athlete Conditioning
Fashion Model Fit
Film Role Prep
Yoga & Meditatation
Combat Training
We come to you

‘World-Class’ – The Daily Telegraph

The Dan Roberts Group of companies

Dan Roberts Personal Training Ltd has two sister companies Dan Roberts Education and Dan Roberts Holidays. In addition, our Team Roberts Community program provides free daily tips advice to our followers and fans that want to get fit and healthy. We also inspire a new debate about body image via our ongoing #LoveYourBodyFridays twitter campaign. We also have an amazing new team of Brand Ambassadors to help us share the love and build the companies reach.

To find out more about the Dan Roberts brand, including Dan’s story and our mission, please visit the Dan Roberts Group website.

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